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You can donate money in a number of ways:

Give without Giving

This concept uses certain websites that gives charities monies based on usage of a site.


By using the website Everyclick Firsthand you can use this search engine the same way as Yahoo or Google  for your internet searches where each search generates a small contribution to Firsthand Lothian. Please click on the link below:

Then save this as your Internet browser and from then on every time you use this browser Firsthand Lothian make money without you directly contributing.

Online Shopping

Do you normally buy things online. How would you like a percentage of the price you pay to go to Firsthand Lothian. You'll get the same price as if you went to the retailers website normally, only this way your favourite charity gets some benefit too.

You can access 100's of web based shops from here such as Amazon, Next, Ebay, M&S, Expedia etc click on the link above buy as normal but Firsthand Lothian will get a donation for every item you purchase at NO extra cost to yourself.


Make a Donation

To make a single donatation to firsthand click DONATE remember to click on Gift Aid as this allows us to reclaim 28 pence in the pound from HMRC.