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We are  recruiting sessional workers  who can commit to a minimum of 3-4 hours per weekend to spend 1:1 time with children with additional support needs on any or all of the following days / times :-

Saturday & Sunday - daytimes

£10.75 per hour

Holiday pay accrued on hours worked and paid as and when requested thoughout the year.

You will spend 1:1 time with children and young people - doing fun activities on a regular weekly basis which will enable parents, who are isolated and have no other regular supports, to have a regular break from their caring role.  

A commitment of 3-4hrs once a week on either Friday afternoons or  over the weekend (day time) is required. Delivered in the family home and in the local community across Edinburgh we seek to meet the needs of the family as a whole.

As you need to be dependable and consistent to maintain the relationships developed with each child/ family  a minimum commitment of at least 6 months from meeting the family is required. 

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Download Staff Application Form

Feedback from workers who have moved on from us last year included :-

"There was nothing about this work that I didn’t love – except having to leave!"

"Always support from the office if I needed something"

"The work was excellent in providing freedom for me to structure the sessions as I pleased and try new things and be creative"

"You provide a very supportive role and I was well aware I could contact the office at any stage if I needed to"

"I enjoyed my time working with FHL- the confidence and experience that I have gained have been invaluable to my own personal wellbeing and hopefully my families have also gained something in return"

I thoroughly enjoyed my time & without the experience with the organisation I would not been able to enter the profession I have decided to pursue as a career path.

"Thanks so much for a fantastic experience meeting some wonderful people and families."

For an Application pack please phone 0131 523 1322 or email for one to be sent out or download the application form below.


Download Staff Application Form