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Funding News

Better Breaks

We are absolutely delighted to have been awarded funding again for this year 2018 -19 which will enable us to work with children with disablities - focussing on creating opportunities to connect with other young people and participate in activities, hobbies and social groups which are available in the local community. (April 2018)

Early Years

We secured funding for 2016-19 through Edinburgh Council Grants Programme to deliver a home based Early Years service to lone parent families and families with a child with a disablity under 5 years of age across Edinburgh.(April 2016)

Children with Disabilities

We secured funding for 2016-19 through Edinburgh Council Grants Programme to deliver a home based service to  families with a child/ren with a disablity ( up to 16 years )  who are not in receipt of other supports and respite (April 2016)

Volant funding

We are now in our final 6 months of 3 year funding from Volant towards delivery of a service specifically for isolated lone parents with a child with a disablity or awaiting a diagnosis and who are not currently in receipt of any other supports (April 18)

Children in Need

We now in out 2nd year of  3 years of funidng awarded by Children in Need which enables us to provide mentoring and befriending to siblings of children and young people with disabilities across Edinburgh ( April 18) 

Time 4 Mum

We are now in  year 2 of funding for Time 4 Mum - offering 1:1 support and encouragement to Mums who have childcare in place to explore and take up activities and interests of thier own that help them reconnect to who they are and feel less isolated.  One mum who has benefitted from this service said " its a bit like learning to drive - you need to have someone beside you in the car until you feel able to do it on your own" 

Funding for carers and the people they care for.........

Direct funding for families is available through the Family Fund. Their programme is called Take a Break. Eligible families in Scotland, caring for disabled children and young people, will be able to apply directly to the Fund for financial help to arrange a short break. More information on how to apply can be found at:

The Family Fund is a national fund and open to families with children up to the age of 17. Individual applications can be made for a range of items that will help young people and thier families such as washing machines, tecnology, etc . More details are availalble at:

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