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Firsthand Lothian exists to support disadvantaged families and children with disabilities to achieve their full potential. Our skilled staff and volunteers help build resilience by working with families in their community, providing support, respite care, guidance and information.

Our services are for:

  • Families with children with disabilities
  • Disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated  families 
  • Young people with disabilities 

Our services include:

  • Support in the family home for children with disabilities allowing parents carers some respite from their caring responsibilities
  • Support and advice for parents who have few support networks of their own
  • Working with parents to help establish routines with their children
  • Information and support to access other agencies appropriate to the needs of the family

Our Services are provided by: 

Volunteers and Paid Staff who are trained and supported by Firsthand Lothian.

Self Directed Support - Are you elligible to fund your service through Self Directed Support (SDS), find out more here.

Our Office is  located at:

Strathmore Business Centre
Hopetoun Gate
8b McDonald Road

Phone us on: 0131 523 1322


Trust and Grant Funders:

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